10 Things That Plus Size Brides Must Keep In Mind

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10 Things That Plus Size Brides Must Keep In Mind

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Our blog today presents the top 10 suggestions for plus size brides to follow when they are choosing their plus size wedding dress.


  • Know what your budget is. Before you start shopping for a wedding dress, make sure that you are aware of your budget so you can avoid any disappointment later on. Many local boutiques charge plus size brides additional money because they say that plus size brides wedding dresses require more material than standard US sizes. This is something that we never do at Brides & Tailor. All brides from all sizes have the same price here!

  • Make sure that you are aware of the fabrics that give plus size brides a more smooth look on their wedding day. Certain thick fabric such as Tafetta are great for plus size brides because it makes their body features look more smooth. This makes the body look more uniform and hides imperfections. 

  • Avoid sleeveless wedding dresses if your upper side is big because this will make your arms look big and out of shape. Instead, opt for wedding dresses with 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves. They will give the illusion of having slimmer arms. 

  • Make sure you choose a wedding dress which does not have too much decoration/ embroidery in places that you want to hide. For example, having a plus size wedding dress with too much embroidery and beading on the hips will draw attention to your hips. At Brides & Tailor, we take pride in offering our plus size brides professional and free bridal consultation before tailoring their dress. 

  • Know your body shape before wedding dress shopping. Plus size brides have many different body shapes. For example, if you have a big bust, you need to choose a wedding dress which is  tight from the upper part of the wedding dress until the middle of the thighs, just like the shape of a bell. If you had the extra weight in your hips and waist, we advise you to choose a wedding dress design which is tight in the upper part and wider in the waist’s region so it would camouflage the hips and the waist. 

  • Just because you are a plus size bride, it does not mean that you have to wear any design that others advise you to wear. If you have a certain idea in mind, Brides & Tailor offer you free consultation by a team of bridal specialist who can tell you what suits you and what doesn’t. Just because another plus size bride wore a wedding dress and didn’t look that good does not mean you will be the same. Every body is different.

  • Make sure you invest in good spanx and a bodyshaper as this makes a huge difference in creating a more uniform body shape for plus size brides. This can make the wedding dress much more elegant and fit!

  • Do not choose a fluffy wedding dress. This can add up volume to your body shape so you will look bigger. Instead, opt for plus size wedding dresses that have the rushing style ( where we gather the fabric of the wedding dress into one area. This is the best way to look slimmer. 

  • Choose a long veil to look taller when wearing your wedding dress.

  • Choose a wedding dress that shows your neck, since this will shift the focus into your face. 


       We cannot wait to be part of your big day!




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