Alright bride-to-be! So you have already picked up which wedding dress you want Brides & Tailor to customize for your wedding day, and you have given us the measurements and everything. But what about the veil?! Many brides get confused when they reach this step because they do not know which length to choose.  There aren’t any basic rules about choosing a bridal veil, but here are some of Brides & Tailor’s  suggestions!

1- Cathedral Length Veil: Cathedral Length Veils usually range between 7.5 to 10 feet in length. Sometimes they even reach 20 feet in length. This type of veils definitely adds a dramatic appearance on your wedding day, and we personally love it! The best wedding dress for this veil would be a full body gown. If you are picking a wedding dress which has a lot of beading or lace, try to choose a veil which is simple without too much beading at the edges so that it keeps the elegance of the overall look. On the other hand, if the wedding dress is too simple, you should choose a bridal veil with a bit of embroidery and beadings so that it makes it look less plain. Cathedral veils are wonderful for indoor weddings and for walking down the aisle at church.


2- Chapel length veil: The length of the chapel length veil is usually around 7 feet. It is shorter than cathedral veils which makes it more convenient to move around. Its length and elegance will not distract the attention away from the dress as it is not as dramatic as the cathedral length. 


2- Fingertip Length Veil: The length of this veil is usually around 3 feet. This is actually one of the most popular veil styles because it is very convenient . It is also flattering and goes well with any body type and dress style. This type of veil makes your body look longer. It can be used in indoor and outdoor weddings!


3-Birdcage Veil:  If you want that vintage, classic look, look no further than the birdcage veil. It gives any bride  charm and sophistication. It is rarely worn these days but it would still look great especially with red lipstick!


Regarding the color of the bridal veil, it should definitely be the same as the color of the wedding dress to complement the overall look!:)

We really hope you found this blog post helpful, and we cannot wait to be part of your wedding!  – Brides and Tailor.