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Today, we are bringing you this gorgeous couple who had their wedding in Texas. Their Wedding Day Photos were featured on Black Bride Magazine in June 2020. Here is a short background story/Q & A of our gorgeous bride Imani and her husband Xavier’s Wedding Day as written by Black Bride Magazine !

In 2011, Xavier noticed Imani when she was on campus visiting Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU) one night. Walking outside alone, she realized there was a guy walking behind her in the parking lot, and ran!  That fall, Imani attended SOSU and was asked by a classmate for help studying for Algebra.  As soon as she entered the room, she heard this amazing voice singing in the shower. Imani asked, “Who is that?!” and he said, “Oh, that’s just my roommate.” Out of the shower comes Xavier still singing, and Imani instantly fell in love!  Six years later, through ups and downs, graduating college, and becoming parents, their love has grown.

The Smith’s Wedding Day was so magical ! Imani’s Dress was custom made by Brides & Tailor and featured a gorgeous long train with beautiful lace details.

Share in the love on their beautiful day captured by DLacy Photography.







Engagement Story:

It was July 4, 2018 and the couple had plans to watch the fireworks with all of their friends and family that evening. Earlier that day however, it was trouble in paradise as Imani became more and more annoyed with Xavier.   On the car ride to watch the fireworks, she did not say a word. After making it to McKinney, the were eating and having a great time with their friends and family. It was now dark, and the show was about to start.

Xavier yelled “Imani, why did you put two shirts on Makhi?!” (Makhi is their son). Confused, Imani said, “I didn’t!” He yelled back “YES YOU DID! CAN YOU TAKE THIS OFF OF HIM?! YOU KNOW HE GETS TOO HOT!” Imani is now even more irritated and yells, “BRING HIM HERE X! I KNOW I DIDN’T PUT TWO SHRITS ON HIM!!”

Everyone starts flashing their light, but she thought it was to help her see . Then she read the words: “Mommy, will you marry my daddy?” on her son’s shirt.  Xavier was now down on one knee with the ring in his hands. After Imani said YES! Xavier thanked everyone for being there for the engagement and then, as if on cue, the first firecracker brightened the sky.







What makes your love special? 

What makes our love special is how we have watched each other grow from young teenagers to young adults; from young adults to first time parents, and now becoming husband and wife. We have blossomed right in front of each other’s eyes. Has it been an easy journey? Not at all, but definitely a beautiful one that neither one of us would change. The most beautiful thing about it all is that the growth has not stopped. We are still pushing each other to thrive and be the best we can be at every possible moment. It’s amazing having a partner who is your biggest fan.

From the Bride: 

Honestly, I was stressed. You just want everything to be perfect being the bride. Things started a little bit later than scheduled, and a couple of things went wrong, but what is a wedding day without something happening? As I was taking pre-wedding photos, my son, Makhi, came into my dressing room with his tuxedo on and melted my heart so much.  It also made me realize that this was really happening. I was getting married! My nerves were everywhere, starting from the night before the wedding, but all of that ended when I walked to the end of the aisle and saw the man of my dreams. That turned the entire day around for me.

From the Groom: 

From my flawless bride to my handsome ring bearer, the wedding day was an experience I will not forget. The bridesmaids possessed looked immaculate in their dresses, matching the tailored groomsmen! There are not enough thank you’s in the world to say to those that helped make our big day special!




Your best/most memorable moment:

 It was walking down the aisle to the song, “Latched” by Sam Smith. As I was walking closer to my future husband, the music turned off. I almost lost it. Then, Xavier’s cousin Darnell, played “You for Me” by Johnny Gill, on the piano and Xavier grabbed a microphone and sang the song to me as I continued to walk down the aisle . I cried the entire way there.

Wedding song /explain choice for song:

 I first heard the original version by Disclosure in college. I would turn it all the way up and jam out! Everyone knew it was my favorite song. When Sam Smith made a slow, acoustic version not too long after, I made up my mind that it would be my wedding song.

Favorite wedding detail (favors, cake, food, band, etc.):

Bride: My favorite detail were the cakes. The way that Edith (baker) coordinated the colors and flavors of the cake were perfect. Each tier of the cake was a different flavor from lemon, white chocolate raspberry, and sweet vanilla. Both cakes represented us so well from the quilted, elegant pattern on the bride’s cake to the perfect Vikings football cake for my husband.

Groom: My favorite detail about the wedding were the earrings my wife wore during the reception. They were the earrings I bought for her on our first Valentine’s Day 6 years ago.







What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

Building an empire together, not only to continue to grow as family with more children, but also as business owners. We also want to continue to learn each other and love effortlessly.

Advice for a Bride/Groom on their wedding day:

 As difficult as it will be , don’t waste time stressing. Everything worked out perfectly fine. Everyone loved every detail about our wedding. The only thing that truly matters about your big day is you and your husband-to-be. That’s it!  

Please feel free to include any other interesting anecdotes from your big day!

An amazing fact about our wedding is that most of the vendors were family and close friends. Also, my wedding dress was shipped all the way from Michigan! We did everything via phone or text and my dress ended up being the most beautiful piece! Manal was amazing to work with and very professional.

Check out  the Wedding Highlight Video here:


We hope you enjoyed these colorful photos and Wedding day Details. This was absolutely one of our very special couples!!



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One of the things Brides & Tailor is known for are the unique custom wedding dresses that are not found in any local boutique. Many brides find themselves jumping from a bridal shop to another trying to find the perfect gothic/alternative dress that matches their vision or their Wedding Day Theme. It is always so exciting for us to work with unique brides with unique ideas.These are brides who stand out from the crowds because they wish to wear a dress that truly matches their personality!

Emily is one of those brides and she was just a pleasure to work with! This Alabama Beauty reached out to us a few months before her Halloween Wedding, and we worked together remotely to make sure the dress is exactly the way she wanted. Her Wedding Day Photos were just stunning, and were actually published on Alabama Weddings Magazine this May! Check out these gorgeous photos to have some inspiration for your Themed Wedding!

Brief Background about the bride and groom : Tyler and Emily met  in high school while working at their local movie theater. Very quickly, the two became inseparable. They worked together for almost a year, building a friendship that was like no other! Emily and Tyler started dating in 2014. Tyler proposed on her 21st birthday in New Orleans, on a bridge in City Park. The planning process went on with attention to all the small details that would make a Wedding Day so memorable. With a shared love of all things spooky, it just made sense to plan an intimate, dark, and romantic day that was completely them!



Photographer: Jinny K Photo

Wedding Dress+ Veil : Brides & Tailor

Wedding Planner: Elms Events

Makeup Artist : The Bride

Hair: Anne Lumley

Baker – Kim Bowling at Decadent Endings

Florist – Jackie Frontiero at Dana’s Floral Design

Music – K&S DJ Service

Catering – Cahawba House

Bridesmaids Gowns: David’s Bridal

Officiant – Lynn Hopkins of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Montgomery, AL

Rentals – Brendle Rentals

Venue – The Elms of Coosada


When it comes to weddings and brides, each culture has a different tradition. In western countries, for example, people typically wear traditional white/ivory wedding dresses in different styles. In India,brides wear pink or red wedding dresses.  Brides who are Catholic typically wear modest wedding dresses.The same thing goes for certain Jewish brides. As for the Muslim brides, they wear modest wedding dresses with head cover-ups called hijabs.

Having said that, many Hijab brides in the US find difficulty in finding the perfect Hijab Wedding Dress or the perfect Modest Wedding dress for their big day. While many brides are usually capable of finding modest wedding dress, they get caught in the problem of having to add lace or material to cover up the neck for example, extra material to cover up the shoulders or the back neckline.  Adapting a wedding dress to their preferences is not an easy task. Even if it gets amended, it is usually clear that extra work has done to the gown and it often does not look like one blended piece. This is why at Brides & Tailor, we have made it our mission to cater to brides of all backgrounds to make sure that their gown is done to their liking from the time we start designing it from scratch.

 Hijab wedding gowns are actually not as limited or even limiting as one might think. There are so many ways you can have your perfect bridal hijab wedding dress without compromising your taste or veil.

In this blog, we will showcase 4 of our gorgeous Hijab Wedding Dresses and the process that we follow in creating your perfect modest wedding dress or the perfect Hijab Wedding Dress. We will show you how easy it is to order your custom hijab wedding dress from the comfort of your home! We will also include some photos from our brides’ wedding day so you can see how the final product looked like when they wore it! Are you ready? Let’s begin! 🙂


1- Hijab Wedding Dress number 1 ( Mermaid Hijab Wedding Dress)

This Hijab Wedding Dress was created for our Michigander bride Haneen. Haneen searched for a mermaid Hijab Wedding Dress for months, and after getting tired from hopping to a bridal boutique to another, she got in contact with us and we were all set to help! Since she wanted several Wedding Dress ideas based on a variety of photos, we decided to draw a sketch for her to be able to visualize how the end result would be like! Haneen wanted a mermaid gown with a long bodice to create a beautiful proportional slimming. effect. She also loves beadings, so we created the sketch to showcase beading and pearls on it, and the most important part she wanted, was having a removable train which can be easily removed/put on for a royal bridal entrance. One of the most unique things about her wedding dress’s skirt is that she wanted a Bling effect in it. This is what she eventually got:) This is how her initial sketches looked like before we began with her gown :

You can order your custom wedding dress sketch on our Etsy Store by clicking here

Front side of the Hijab Wedding Dress
Back Side of the Hijab Wedding Dress
Hijab Wedding Dress with a removable train


After getting Haneen’s Body measurements using our measurements sheet, work started on her dress. First, Brides & Tailor sent her a variety of lace patterns that would suit her gown. We then used what she pick to create the applique pattern, and shared it with her so she could stay updated with the process from start to finish! This was how gorgeous the dress looked like when it finished! Seeing the bride super happy is always the best gift!

Hijab Wedding Dress – front side



Needless to say, the bride looked even more gorgeous on her wedding day! We created her wedding veil with the same lace of the dress so it can match its style, and everyone on her Wedding Day just fell in love with her look! Here some photos!





How gorgeous did she look like? I’m in love with her overall look!

2-Hijab Wedding Dress # 2 ( Ballgown Hijab Wedding Dress)

Our second Hijab Wedding Dress Style here is a Ballgown Style. It was also created for one of our most awesome brides, Hawraa, who also wanted something specific based on several inspirational photos she had. Brides & Tailor got into work and started it off with a lovely sketch!




After our bride approved the sketch, she picked her lace pattern and work began! This is the end result:






Hawraa’s Wedding was supposed to take place this March, but unfortunately had to be postponed due to Covid-19. Needless to say, I am pretty sure she will look more than gorgeous on her wedding day!


3-Hijab Wedding Dress 3 ( Ballgown Wedding Dress with lace and no bling )

One of the most beautiful wedding dresses we have also created in the past few months is this lovely Ballgown Hijab Wedding Dress. It was created for our Hijabi Bride Razan from Ohio, and she stressed out the importance of having something simple and elegant at the same time. Therefore, we created her wedding dress with lace but without any bling. The lace was gorgeous enough to make her dress a showstopper! Take a look:



This is how stunning she looked on her Wedding Day:



Hijab Wedding Dress
Custom Hijab wedding dress from Brides & Tailor

4- Multi-colored Hijab Wedding Dress ( Ballgown Style with non-traditional colors)


Our 4th gown in the selection today is a beautiful two-toned dress that we have created for our North Carolina bride, Raya. Raya is gorgeous,inside-out! We just cannot wait for her to celebrate her Wedding day to show you how Royal she will look like! She wanted a color different than ivory/white for her dress, so we created her own in Champagne, adding some Bling on the lace and made it with a High Collar since this is something she loves!



We hope this round up of 4 of our most beautiful Hijab Wedding Dresses will be very helpful to see how gorgeous Hijab Wedding Dresses can be if they are created with the Hijabi Bride in mind. Do you know a bride-to-be who wears the Hijab, and is unable to find her perfect Wedding Dress? Tell her about Brides & Tailor. You will truly make her day!:)

No matter where you live in the US or Worldwide, we will be working with you one-to-one to make sure this will be an experience you will cherish forever! You can send us any inspirational photos, and we will work with you to bring your vision into life!

Photography Credits:

Dress 1: Baria Fardous Photography

Dress 2: Photos Taken by Brides & Tailor

Dress 3: Photos Taken by Okota Weddings Photography

Dress 4: Photos Taken by Brides & Tailor



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