Why Should You Order a Customized Wedding Dress ?

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Why Should You Order a Customized Wedding Dress ?

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What makes you want to order a customized wedding dress for your big day?

We all know that the majority of the brides tour and enter tens of bridal boutiques before buying their wedding gowns, but what about the brides who choose to have their wedding dress customized? These are the top reasons they choose to do so! 

  • Individuality

First of all, customized wedding dresses are great for a unique wedding dress that no other bride has worn! Whether you want sleeves added, a change in the neckline of an existing wedding dress, the chances are that your wedding dress is 100% unique and special !

  • Celebration of all Body Sizes!

For brides who have a few extra pounds and are so tired of visiting bridal boutiques that only cater to slim thin brides, having a customized wedding dress is definitely worth checking out! The opposite is also true! 

Brides & Tailor provides professional wedding dress customization service for all brides regardless of their body size, because they’re all beautiful!

  • Endless Choices:

 If you have ever seen a customized wedding dress on a model or a celebrity, and would love to have your own version of it minus the extremely expensive costs, having a tailored customized wedding dress is the answer! In addition to this, if you love a sleeveless design, but want to make it suitable for a Hijab Style Wedding Dress, we can also do it for you. You can look like a queen without getting bankrupt!

  • Comfort!

 Nothing will feel as comfort as a wedding dress which is custom-made just to fit you!

Forget about snuggling into a size 12 wedding dress which is too big at the bust- Our custom-made customized wedding dresses will fit you precisely!  


  • Experience

Having a custom-made wedding dress is an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life. Our team at Brides & Tailor will make sure to guide and support you every step of the way so you can have the wedding dress of your dreams!

  • Convenience :

Would you rather jump from a shop to another shop hunting for the perfect wedding dress, or is it easier for you to relax in front of your laptop, and ask us to design the idea that you have in mind? Customized Wedding Dresses are now possible with a click of a button. Our Sales Staff are also available for support to guide you in every step!


If you have any questions, drop us an Email! sales@bridesandtailor.com