You can choose your favorite payment method:

    1. Online Secure Paypal/ Credit Card : Use your credit card or paypal account to securely place an order with us! You can choose to pay 50% as a downpayment and the 50% before the dress’s photos are sent to you in preparation of shipping! Alternatively, you can pay the whole amount upfront.
    2. Bank Transfer: You may choose to send a bank transfer to our amount. Just like above, you can choose to pay 50% or 100% of the order’s amount. After you have successfully placed your order, the bank transfer details will automatically show up if you choose that option of payment.
    3. Western Union/MoneyGram: Many of our Middle East customers prefer this method of payment. The receipient’s details will automatically show up after you choose this option after placing your order.

If you require any additional help, please contact us at [email protected]

We have a 50% downpayment option in addition to the 100% option when placing your order. If you choose to pay 50% of the full price, we can immediately start in tailoring the dress, and you will be required to pay the remaining 50% balance after we finish the gown and send you its pictures and get it ready for shipping if it’s all great! You can also choose to pay 100% of the order’s price when placing it. Kindly note that if you choose the 50% option, you will need to make the remaining payment on the dress once it is ready for shipping within 14 days. Otherwise, there will be a 10% extra fee on the dress’s total price for every additional month it is not paid.

We do understand that you might be passing through hard circumstances/times, so contact us immediately if your remaining payment has to be delayed so we can work out a date. Orders that are unpaid will be sent to Collection Agencies if the customer cannot be reached and/or is not responsive to our Email Reminders.

For US customers only, Paypal Credit is offering 6 months free interest for all orders on our website. Buy applying to paypal credit card, you will be able to place your order with 0 down payment and pay back your balance within the 6 months.

Brides & Tailor is a leader in Wedding Gown Customization and Tailoring. Since we customize bridal gowns from scratch, we do not offer an extensive inventory of ready dresses for the brides to try on, so we might not have dresses available for all sizes. However, we do offer an in-house bridal consultation where the bride can meet a bridal consultant who can guide her throughout the process of turning her idea of the perfect wedding dress into reality. We also have several bridal gowns that we’ve tailored to give you an idea of how your final dress would look like. If interested, kindly book an appointment by clicking here https://www.bridesandtailor.com/book-appointment/

During your visit to Brides & Tailor, you will be having a personalized experience where you will feel so welcomed with a personalized board that has your name and date of visit , and you’ll meet our Bridal/Tailoring Advisor who can help you understand which bridal gown styles would look best on you according to your body shape. You will also have the opportunity to try out several of our bridal gown styles, see how different styles would look like on you , check the quality of our tailoring techniques including lace applique, beadings and see the detailed work that we take pride in doing. You can also discuss any design ideas that you have in mind, whether it’s a picture of a dress from a magazine, or something that you have previously tried out at a Bridal salon but need some amendments to it. You can also have your body measurements taken or choose to follow our measurements guide to take the measurements yourself.

From the beginning of the process, we make sure we are transparent with our brides all through the way. After we receive inspirational photos or sketches of the design that the bride wants, we first make sure that the material is available and that the end result of the dress would be at least 80% similar to the end result that the bride wants. If we believe that it will be hard to find the material needed, we will not send the quote of the dress and we’ll inform the customer immediately that we cannot accept the order. This is why it is important that all submitted photos should be clear.  

Throughout the process, we keep the customer updated about the process of her dress tailoring, and we share the photos of the gown with the customer after It is finished to make sure she agrees with it and to amend any extra parts that need changes. By partnering together with the bride and involving her in the process, we make sure the end result is always an unforgettable one. Since 2010, we’ve had hundreds of happy brides and we are definitely looking forward to more!

Brides & Tailor’s objective is to provide brides with the dream wedding dress that they want in the size they need. There are 3 different processes in place to make sure this is achieved:

1-The customer has the option of entering her detailed body measurements instead of her standard size to make sure that the dress really fits her. Click here for our measurements guide.

2- Three-step-verification process: Once the customer enters her measurements, we first make sure that the different body measurements are rational. Following this, we make sure that the fabric cut correctly matches the size needed. The third step is measuring up the size of the final dress to match it with the size entered. This way, we make sure that the size is exactly your size.

3- In case the bride’s fluctuates, we always recommend creating lace-up at the back instead of a zipper since this can accommodate 3 different sizes. We also create extra material in the seam allowance incase the dress needs to be slightly amended.

Absolutely yes! We are here to open up all the options for the bride who does not want to choose a traditional white wedding dress. Our color chart contains different colors that you can choose to use. Contact us if the color you need is not there. You can also order swatches to decide on the perfect color.

No problem! We are here to provide you with an in-house tailoring experience. As long as you still have time for the changes, we will be studying the changes and see if there are any associated additional expenses to it. If it is just a minor amendment, we can do it for you!

We are a team of dedicated tailors so we are able to provide our customers with fast turn-over without impacting the quality and the techniques used on all our bridal gowns. You do not need to wait 6 months for your bridal gown to be finished, because it can be finished in as quickly as 40 days! You also have the option of placing an urgent order for a small additional fee, or a flexible order which takes around 60 days to finalize.

We ship all our bridal gowns using DHL for guaranteed delivery. The dress will be folded outwardly to make sure the beadings and all the work is kept protected. Our courier will make sure it is packed in the best way possible to prevent any damage while at the same time saving you $$ on shipping costs using box packages. You will definitely need to steam the dress once you receive it. Please do not iron!

Yes of course! We can design any dress you want as long as we have the material for it. We will let you know if it’s not available the minute you send us your design.

Great question and we’ll gladly tell you why! First of all, Brides & Tailor’s costs of creating a wedding dress are just the same as any of the great quality bridal salons. We use high quality material including satin, tulle, chiffon, lace, and all kinds of beadings and we never use glue, unlike many other places which do! So how do we save you the extra cost? First of all, we have no inventory operational costs since we do not aim to sell our sample gowns, we have zero intermediary costs since we tailor the gown and deliver it straight to you, no employees extensive costs since we do not have a regular showroom which is operational throughout the day, less electricity bills and less operational and utility costs. Many bridal salons charge you 2 or three times our price because they need to cover the extra expenses they incur. We don’t, thus you save!

We truly understand how stressing your wedding day preparations can be, simply because we have been in your shoes!:)
The great news is that Brides & Tailor offers a comprehensive Return Policy to make sure you are relaxed and happy.
Please read the policy points below.
Our number 1 aim is to make our brides smile so there you go!

Exchange Policy:

All of our dresses are customized dresses. This means that we tailor the wedding/bridal dress especially for you! So the return and exchange of dresses is not possible. However, exchange of accessories such as bridal shoes, jewelry can be made provided that we have sent you the wrong size/item.

Return Policy

All of our wedding dresses are made by our tailors who have more than 20 years of tailoring Experience. We follow the precise measurement details you give us as well as all the extra Dress alteration requirements. ( Please follow the measurement instructions on our size/color Guide page carefully. We also leave a few extra inches of the fabric in the seams part Of the dress incase you gain/lose a few extra pounds.

In case of receiving a damaged item due to shipping:

We use extremely liable methods of shipping the dress into you to make sure you receive the Dress in an excellent condition, just the way we made it! In the rare unfortunate event of a Wedding dress damaged by shipping, we will definitely be there for you! Just take photos/video Of the dress, include the Proof of Damage documentation from the courier and send us the Documents to [email protected] . Our team will closely look into the issue and if there Is proof of damage, you will be getting a full refund minus shipping.

In case of receiving a wedding dress with the wrong size/color

Our tailors are very precise in creating signature wedding dresses that are unique. If you use the Size Guide Instructions, your measurements will be 100% the same! We always leave extra fabric inside the seams part of the dress as well to make sure there is some extra room of change in case You gain/lose some pounds. You can also choose to have your dress with lace-up at the back to accommodate 3 different body sizes! However, if the size we sent is absolutely wrong and is not for
you, you will be entitled to Full refund minus shipping the dress back to us.
If the size is different due to wrong measurements given to us, we are sorry to let you know that we won’t be able to refund your order. We do not offer replicas of designers. What we do offer instead, is a dress that is based on the inspirational photos you send us in addition to our special unique touches to ensure that you’re as beautiful as can be.


Did you place your order but later changed your mind? No problem! We’ve got you covered!

– Less than 24 hours: If you place an order and change your mind in less than 24 hours, you are entitled to a full refund.
– Less than 4 days: If you place an order and change your mind in less than 4 days, you will be refunded 70% of the total order amount.
– Less than a week: If you place an order and change your mind in less than a week, you will be refunded 50% of the total order amount. We start with our customized dresses within a few hours after receiving your order, but we understand that brides can change their mind! No worries about that!
– More than a week: If you change your mind after a week, you won’t be entitled to a refund simply because the dress would be in an advanced stage in tailoring. Customized means that it is made only for you, so we won’t be able to refund in this case.


Our return/exchange policy is made to make sure our relationship with our customers is as transparent and honest as it can be! Rest assured that we are only here to make brides happy!

As with any custom wedding dress, some minor alterations might be necessary for the bride. If you visit the bridal salon in Michigan, have your final fitting, and realize there are a few tweaks that need to be made for the dress to fit perfectly, we will gladly take care of that for you right away.

Kindly note that , however, it is not our responsibility to amend any gowns that have been already received or picked up by the customer 7 days after that date. Any further changes needed after that time must be done on the brides’ expense.

Absolutely. Brides & Tailor team will communicate with you and understand the design you have using the inspirational photos you send us. We will be able to design the final dress for you, share with you all the details of your final dress and then guide through the process of placing your order.

To start sending us inspirational pictures of your dream wedding dress, please visit the following page: https://www.bridesandtailor.com/send-us-your-own-design/

At Brides & Tailor we do not copy designer’s wedding dresses. Our team consists of designers who work with your inspirational ideas just to understand what concept you have in mind and what styles you are looking for. Brides & Tailor’s team will design your wedding dress after careful consideration for all the factors and requirements collected during your consultation session whether by Email or in person.

Yes. Currently we are offering the same services on Etsy. You can visit our shop on Etsy here.

You will not be able to benefit from the deposit option for your order. Etsy requires a full payment for your order once the order is placed. However, placing orders using Brides & Tailor official website will only require 50% as a down payment before work commence. Either way, Brides & Tailor deliver full commitment to produce exceptional services to our brides.

Sketch your wedding dress is what you need at this point. If you are not sure what is your vision for the final design, we can work with you in sketching your wedding dress design. Manal and her team will work to understand what you have in mind and start showing you the front and back colored sketch for your dress which is then used to make your dress after you approve it.

To start sketching your wedding dress, place your order on Etsy for 69.00$ Only: Custom Wedding Dress Sketch By Brides & Tailor

Brides & Tailor ships worldwide, some countries impose import custom fees. Please consult your local shipping companies or custom officers to understand if your country will apply custom fees on Imported Wedding gowns. If that is the case, your shipping company will contact you once your shipment is in country to pay any pending fees by your custom controls.