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  • Custom Hijab Wedding Dress by Brides & Tailor

    This custom gown is for a Haute Couture custom gown for our bride-Raya+ A Veil with Lace All Over

    If you are searching for a custom Hijabi Wedding Gown or a Modest Wedding Gown, you’ve come to the right place. We create masterpieces from scratch every day for all customer preferences.

    This gown features gorgeous lace over High-End Duchess Satin material to give the bride a beautiful Victorian look which is super elegant.

    To see the full video of the gown on our instagram account, click here:

  • Hijab Wedding Dress by Brides & Tailor USA

    The custom gown’s link is for our bride-Hawraa. It will be made according to our bride’s inspirational photos.

    If you need us to create a custom wedding dress that matches your vision, we can do that based on inspirational photos/sketches!

    🔔 If you’d love to see the video of this gown on our instagram account, copy/paste this link in your browser:

    💗Brides & Tailor is an award-winning custom gowns businesses located in Michigan,USA!
    Worldwide/ US Delivery!