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  • Hijab Wedding Dress by Brides & Tailor

    If you are searching for a custom made Hijabi Wedding Gown or a Modest Wedding Gown, you’ve come to the right place. We create masterpieces from scratch every day for all customer preferences.


    💙To view a video footage of this bridal gown, check it out on our Instagram account on this link 💙




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  • Hijab Wedding Dress Custom Made

    This beautiful Modest Hijab Wedding Dress is going to look absolutely gorgeous on any bride who loves to wear modest dresses. It requires a white inner-shirt underneath. It features transparent sleeves and beautiful lace that gives 3D illusion.

    This bridal dress was featured in our photoshoot this summer in Michigan! We offer you all sizes and colors needed on all of our bridal gowns!

    You can book you Michigan appointments today by going into this link: to try it in person if you live nearby!

    If you live away and would love to order a custom made bridal gown, we can definitely do it too! We deliver to all US States and territories and worldwide!

    $1,500.00 $1,030.00
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