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We love how beautiful fall is in Michigan, with all the lovely nature colors! We love it even more because Brides & Tailor just won the Global Wedding award of “ The Most Innovative Bridal Shop in Michigan 2018” by the prestigious Lux Life Magazine which showcases the brightest and best from across the wedding industry.

Every day, many established businesses such as wedding dress providers, venues, florists and other bridal service businesses create unique experiences that their clients will treasure forever, and this is what this award recognizes.  Earlier in the year 2018, we have been happy for the news that we have been nominated for this award, and now that the awards have been given, it is great to know that we were among this year’s winners!


For a list of all winners click here: https://www.lux-review.com/lux_awards/wedding-awards/


We would love to take this opportunity to thank all of our past brides who have been sharing their great experience with Brides & Tailor. We aim to create a personalized experience for each and every bride who chooses to have a custom made wedding dress and we promise we’ll continue with it!




Great question and we’ll gladly tell you why! 🙂 

First of all, Brides & Tailor’s costs of creating a wedding dress are just the same as any of the great quality bridal salons. We use high quality material including satin, tulle, chiffon, lace, and all kinds of beadings and we never use glue, unlike many other places which do! So how do we save you the extra cost?

We have no inventory operational costs since we do not aim to sell our sample gowns, we have zero intermediary costs since we tailor the gown and deliver it straight to you, no employees extensive costs since we do not have a regular showroom which is operational throughout the day, less electricity bills and less operational and utility costs. Many bridal salons charge you 2 or three times our price because they need to cover the extra expenses they incur. We don’t, thus you save!:)

What sets us apart is that we can work around with any colors and styles that you have in mind. Our color charts include 100 colors that you can choose. So whether you loved the top part of one dress with the bottom of another wedding gown, or have a full sketch of an inspirational bridal gown picture, we will gladly tailor it for you.

We are always the choice for brides who have already visited countless of bridal salons, but still feel that they hadn’t found the dress that ticks all the criteria they have in mind!

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Now that you got engaged and have started the search for the perfect dream wedding dress, you should definitely be prepared for the big question:

Why are boutique wedding dresses this expensive?


It’s obvious that wedding dress businesses exploit the idea of getting married ( hopefully once !) to make a bride feel okay about buying a bridal gown that retails for thousands of dollars.  Brides & Tailor is the pioneer in reversing this idea since 2010. It all started when the owner realized that no…there should be a way to give those brides a big happy smile as the walk down the aisle without getting bankrupt. 


So what makes the local wedding dresses this expensive? Read all those markups that are added by local boutiques to make their businesses profitable.