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As a stressed out bride, I had to go from shop to shop to find a wedding dress that was not too strapless. Unfortunately, most of the designs i found were either too outdated or just didn’t suit my preference. Through a friend of mine, I got to know about Brides and Tailor and their tailoring business, and I got so happy because they were able to accomodate my request to tailor a design that I had saved on my phone. The quality was excellent and they delivered it to me within 30 days! Best decision i ever made! Thank you so much !

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Manal Ch

Hello! My name is Manal. I have been part of Brides & Tailor since 2010 and I'm still going strong!:) Helping brides in getting the dress of their dreams is something that I'm so passionate about. I help brides in choosing the wedding dress of their dreams no matter where they are in the world. I've helped more than 100 brides in doing it and I can't help to help you all too!