Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Dress.

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Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Dress.

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Let’s face it. It’s that wonderful happy time when your husband-to-be proposes,puts a ring on it and you start searching for the wedding dress! As much as exciting that time would be, it can also stress you out.

Watch out for those top 10 mistakes that many brides make while choosing their wedding dress :

1. Asking for the opinion of so many people.

Keep in mind that each person has his/her own taste when it comes to wedding dress styles. We’re not telling you not to listen to suggestions of friends and family, but don’t let that factor be the only thing that matters. You need to feel confident in your own wedding dress too!


2- Settling for a White Wedding Dress Only.

Despite the fact that purely white is the traditional color for wedding dresses, there are many other colors that you can choose too! Think about champagne, ivory and off-white.


3-Having only one Wedding Dress Style in mind.

It’s great to know what kind of dress you would like to have for your big day, but you should remain flexible and open to suggestions. You might think that only princess style wedding dresses suits you, but you might also be a great fit for mermaid dresses!


4-Not asking for professional help.

Whether you are shopping at a local boutique or online, you should always know that the professionals who work there are there to help! Whether it’s a question about the sizing, about what fits you better or any other concerns, you can always ask for help!


5-Assuming that physical shopping is the only way to buy your dream wedding dress.

We know that many brides prefer to physically shop for their wedding dress, but did you know that E-commerce businesses can offer you even better quality at less than half of the retail pricing? You just need to be careful and sure that the website you are dealing with is Licensed by the Licensing authority in the United States since many of them are not.


6-Assuming that it’s OK to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding dress because you’re only going to be married once. Expensive is NOT always the best!

While we agree that you will be getting married only once ( hopefully ) , we definitely do not agree that the notion of paying thousands of dollars is the only means of buying your dream wedding dress. Many bridal boutiques sell their wedding dresses for 3 or 4 times the price they should be selling them for, and many brides find themselves too stressed out to meet the extremely expensive budget for the dress. Many Wedding Boutiques and Businesses,including ours of course, provides top of the notch quality without the greed associated with it!


7-Assuming that it is impossible to find their perfect size.

While we agree that many bridal boutiques cater to a specific group of brides who fit certain standards, you should never assume that your body size is impossible to cater for by bridal dress companies. This is actually one of the reasons we are in business. We tailor your wedding dress no matter what your body size is, without all the stress and hassle of running from shop to shop!


8- Buying very high heel shoes which are uncomfortable.

It’s true that high heels give brides more elegance in their wedding dress, but believe us when we say that extremely high heels make you look very uncomfortable on your big day. Try to choose something which really makes you comfortable. Comfort and then elegance is what you should aim for to look confident.


9-Buying a dress with the wrong fit because of buying it too early

Always make sure you take your measurements correctly to make sure the dress fits perfectly. If you are on a strict diet and aim to lose many pounds for example, do not buy the dress before you achieve your sought figure. A wedding dress with a great fit will make you glow!


10- Being too late in buying your wedding dress.

Being late in buying your wedding dress will not only make you stress out, it will also make the wedding dress choice a risky one because of rushing through things. This is why we advise all our brides to reach out to us at least 3 months before their wedding so we can offer all our help and support as well!


Congratulations on the start of a new phase of your life!