Top 10 Reasons to Order Your Wedding Dress From Brides & Tailor

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Top 10 Reasons to Order Your Wedding Dress From Brides & Tailor

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If you’re wondering why ordering your wedding dress from Brides & Tailor is going to be the best option for you, we will tell you why in 10 points! 

Reason #1  : CUSTOMIZATION! 

You can choose absolutely any style that you want, in the perfect color that you want! For brides who want to wear their wedding dresses in colors different than white, this is so easy to do with Brides & Tailor! Choose from the endless options that we have in our colorchart! You can also ask us to add sleeves, make the neckline lower/higher, change the neckline and make it an off-shoulder dress,etc. The sky is the limit!!!


Reason #2: FREEDOM! 

You do not have to confine yourself to the wedding dress choices available in local boutiques. What seems to be trendy this year does not mean that it will be the perfect match for you. You will save yourself time and money going around and hunting for your wedding dress!


Reason #3: CONVENIENCE! 

We know that most brides struggle to find the time to go search for a wedding dress. Most people are just too busy juggling different jobs and have very limited time to go out and hunt for a wedding dress. We can totally relate to this, so we have the option of doing everything from the comfort of your house!


Our prices are the lowest you can find in town. Very often, custom made wedding dresses cost much more than dresses available to buy at local boutiques, so this can make it really tough for the budget. What makes us different is that we work with every bride according to the budget that she has set for her wedding dress. We try hard to accommodate all brides and custom make a Brides & Tailor wedding dress that fits her budget. It works everytime!

Reason #4: QUALITY!

Quality is something that we cannot compromise on! In fact, this is what made us a reputable online custom-made wedding dresses destination! We use top of the notch material and fabric ( Satin, Mikado, Organza, Lace, Sequin,etc) to tailor all our wedding dresses. We never use any glue to put our beadings on the wedding dress. We only use needling techniques! 



Our business is registered and licensed in the state of Michigan, and we are authorized to sell our wedding dress to all US States and worldwide! You always need to make sure that the business you are dealing with is licensed as this is one important form of consumer protection!

Reason #6: UNIQUE STYLE! 

Have you ever gone to a wedding and told yourself: WOW! That wedding dress looks exactly the same as my friend’s ?!! Many of the wedding dresses we see really look the same nowadays. This is why Brides & Tailor is offering you the chance to look unique and have a wedding dress which looks nothing like any other. How cool is that! 


Most of the bridal boutiques cater to a specific size range that does not usually extend to more than US 18. We honor plus size brides and we believe that they should have unlimited styles and options for their wedding day too. This is why we do not limit our wedding dress sizes! With Brides & Tailor’s Custom Made Wedding Dresses, you can get what you want no matter what your size is because all women are beautiful!


We work with brides from all over the world and this is very important because we understand the bridal style preferences of all of our customers. So whether you are liberal, modest, a Muslim , a catholic bride or have any specific wedding dress restrictions, we can accommodate all preferences! For Muslim brides who want a Hijab Wedding Dress, or a modest bride who wants sleeves to be added to her wedding dress, Brides & Tailor is here for you!


If you are unsure about which style suits you the most, we can definitely help! Brides & Tailor offers you online and phone bridal dress consultation to make sure that the wedding dress style you pick really suits you. Best part yet? It’s all FREE! 



Our Brides & Tailor website and payment platform is 100% secure ( tip: Make sure any website has the SECURE sign next to the domain name before making any ourchase). This guarantees that all your information and credit card info is safe and secure. 

 There are so many other reasons to list but these are the top 10! We cannot wait to be part of your journey! 

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